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Kumano is the general name given to the southern part of the Kii Peninsula. A clear boundary of the area does not exist.

In ancient times Kumano was called Muro-gun. In modern times, the area was divided into four parts: Nishi-Muro-gun (west), Higashi-Muro-gun (east), Minami-Muro-gun (south) and Kita-Muro-gun (north). Presently Kumano is administered by both the Wakayama and Mie Prefectures.

Almost of all Kumano is mountainous, and is formed from steep and complicated peaks and gorges. For a long time, interaction with the outside world was very limited and, because of this relative isolation, the area attained an air of divinity. Since ancient times, Kumano has been one of the most prominent religious sanctuaries for the people of Japan.


The southern part of Kumano faces the Kumano-nada Sea in the Pacific Ocean. The Kumano sanzen-roppyaku-ho mountains (Kumano 3,600 peaks) and the deep blue ocean are said to represent the two faces of Kumano.

The ocean played an integral part in the development of Kumano as a religious kingdom, forming the economic base. Both navigating to good fishing spots and fishing itself requires exceptional boats and skills. At the same time, strong physical and emotional strength is required. These attributes, as well as Kumanos isolation, formed a foundation for the religious development.

Although the gods, believed to be the very responsive to worshippers, were enshrined in Kumano, the religious prosperity of Kumano could not be ensured unless the faith was propagated amongst people of other regions.

The enchantment of Kumano made people willingly to carve mountain routes, as well as develop seashore routes, in order to reach Kumano. Kumano has never stopped captivating people, and continues to attract visitors to this day.







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